Banners & so much more. . .

Ok, here’s the scoop. Basically, we have the capabilities and means to meet almost every sign need. So, if for some reason you don’t see what you are looking for listed on our site, please ask. “Custom” is our middle name. (Actually, it’s not, but it really should be).

Need business cards, event banners, ADA compliant signs, or vinyl window letters and graphics? We can do it. If for some reason your project is beyond our scope, we will be the first to let you know and refer you to a qualified craftsman. Otherwise, we can carve it, sandblast it, print it, bend it, shape it, route it, layer it, sticker it…you get the picture.

Outdoor Signs

  • Monument Signs
  • Wood Signs
  • Metal Signs
  • Dimensional Lettering Signs
  • Political/Campaign Signs
  • Traffic Signs
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Sidewalk Signs
  • Street Signs
  • Residential Signs
  • Parking Signs
  • Routed & Sandblasted Signs
  • Directional & Way Finding Signs
  • Vinyl Window Letter and Graphics
  • Outdoor Safety/ Compliance Signs


  • Vinyl Banner
  • Event Banners
  • Grand Opening Banners
  • Political & Election Banners
  • School Banners
  • Trade Show Banners

Indoor Signs

  • Safety Signs
  • ADA Compliant
  • Tactile and Braille
  • Directional Signs
  • Menu Boards
  • Directories
  • Hand Carved Signs
  • Office Signs
  • Window & Wall graphics
  • Dimensional Lettering Signs
  • Corporate Interior Signs


  • Cortex H Stake
  • Metal A Frame
  • Pole Top & Street Sign Bracket
  • Perpendicular Hanging Bracket
  • Round Rod Lawn Frame
  • Name Plaques
  • Business Card Holder
  • Literature Holder
  • and more…

Letters and Graphics

  • Ready to Apply Vinyl Lettering
  • Labels and Decals
  • In-Memory of Decals
  • Acrylic Channel Letters
  • 3-D Dimensional Letters
    • Plastic
    • Wood
    • Foam
    • Metal

Vehicle Graphics and Lettering

  • Vehicle Magnets
  • Vehicle Full-Color Wraps
  • Truck Lettering & Graphics
  • Special Service Vehicle Graphics (Police, Fire, Ambulance)


  • Business Cards
  • Large Format Posters

FAQ's & File Guidelines . . .

File Guidelines


  • All file formats should be sent right reading in original/native formats.
  • All text should be converted to curves, paths or outlines depending on the application used.
  • Files should be CMYK or Pantone spot color specific.
  • Send layered file versions if available.

Preferred Vector Programs:

Adobe Illustrator CS2 or Acrobat PDF with editing capability enabled. Pantone colors will be converted to the closest CMYK match in Vector files.

Preferred Raster Programs:

Adobe Photoshop .psd, Acrobat PDF, or Jpeg.

Resolution set at 200 dpi at final size.

Raster documents should use a color setting for Photoshop 5 Default CMYK.


What kind of deposit do you require?

This depends on the project. We typically require a 50% deposit on large commercial signage.

If I bring my logo on a CD or flash drive, what format works best?

Depending on your needs and the design of the sign, many formats are viable. See our file formatting guidelines for more information.

Can you make a sign from a digital photograph?

Yes. The better quality the photograph, the better your digital image will turn out! Please make sure the image is not copyrighted. If it is, we will need a release in order to proceed.

I see many vehicles that have company logos and lettering, can Grass Valley Sign provide this service?

Yes. Our new location is equipped with two full size bays, so we can provide this service no matter what the weather is outside. We can give you a quote based on your logo, lettering, and graphics.

If I have special color matching requirements, or need to have my letterhead and business cards matched can Grass Valley Sign meet my needs?

Yes. Depending on the type of sign and its uses, we can match according to your needs.

Do I need a permit for my sign?

You may or may not. It all depends on the sign and where you are going to place it. Vehicle signage does not require a permit. However, Downtown Grass Valley and Nevada City are pretty particular about exterior signage and will require approvals and permits. Let us know where you intend to place your sign and we can tell you what permits are required.

If I am getting a sign installed on my vehicle, how long will my car/truck/van be out of service?

Most vehicles can be lettered in one business day.

Can my sign be delivered and installed?

Yes, we offer delivery and installation services on commercial signage.

Does Grass Valley create trade show graphics?


What is the largest sign I could order from a Grass Valley Sign full service sign center?

There are no signs too large for us!